Come to Jesus (Not Literally)

If you know any addicts, what I am about to say is not a surprise to you. Addicts lie. Addicts shift responsibility. Addicts deflect. They do anything and everything they can to keep as many of the people around them thinking that they are not in fact addicts. If friends or family believe, just a little, that the addict might not really be that bad off, the addict has a window of opportunity to keep on being the slow-motion, self-destructive train wrecks that they are. The addict fails to realize that they inflict all kinds of hurt and damage to those who care about them the most.

For a very long time, too long as it turns out, we humans, especially those of us in the “advanced” parts of the world, have been fooled by addicts. This is mostly because we are the addicts. We are addicted to wealth and we are addicted to the power associated with controlling others. Everybody likes wealth and nobody really digs wanting. Everyone likes “more.” And to a certain, limited extent, “Greed…. is good.” Control is good too, if used wisely. Wars can be prevented, resources used wisely, progress for all can come from the solid leadership of a few… you ought to be able to see what I mean.

Most of us in America like the fact that we can work at our mostly menial jobs and still drive nice cars and have televisions upon which we watch hundreds of channels of drivel while we eat vast quantities of affordable food that is oh so tasty….and waste whatever we cannot finish. All that we demand of our “leaders” is that they continue to keep all of the things that we want affordable and that most of us continue to have those menial jobs.


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