Each Day, Better


    By Brad Leutwyler @BradLeut
    Copyright 2015

    Take a second and hum one of your favourite tunes. Go on. I will wait….
    Now close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine what it would be like to be a bacteria being pumped around in the bloodstream of a person, flowing through the heart, up to the brain through thick red tubes like a ride at Wet ‘N’ Wild, back to the heart, over to the lungs… VISUALIZE IT! Then imagine what a dog crossed with a rhino would look like, and who your best friend in childhood was.

    Humans are awesome…truly. ANYONE can do those things and so much more. We think, imagine, create, learn, love, sing, dance… our potential is boundless. Every human being within six sigma of typical has this potential (i.e. damn near all humans). If every human were just a tiny bit better educated and better treated by others, they could apply all of that extra goodness within their own context to make better decisions, create better outcomes, reduce their burdens and those of others…the possibilities are as boundless as our individual potentials. When seven billion people are all just a little bit more capable, per the law of large numbers, the average quality of life will rise.

    My point is this: reading a book contributes to the betterment of humanity, whether a novel helps you to understand other people or a treatise teaches you why bees are vital to humanity. Learning to play a new instrument does too because music is universal and mathematical. Helping another person out, being kind, sharing your life experiences… We tend to squander our human potential and thus diminish our ability to raise others up. First we squander our own by not trying to elevate ourselves, share ourselves or listen to and understand others. Then we tend to treat others with indifference at best. At our worst, we hate, we destroy, we subjugate, we bully, we hurt, we kill. I am not claiming that this is deliberate. On the contrary, my observation has been that it is mostly thoughtlessness, ignorance and carelessness driven by selfishness; one’s pursuit of happiness often has negative, unintended or uncared-about consequences.

    If we all make just a tiny effort, every day to become just a little more educated, a scintilla more intelligent, a bit more compassionate, a molecule more caring, the world will almost certainly become a much better place. It is, after all, difficult to get a smart person to hate, to get a kind person to inflict pain, for a compassionate person to be indifferent or to have a learned person not suspect when they are misbehaving and have to make a choice.

    So the simple solution to all of humanity’s problems is this: EVERY DAY, BETTER. Each day, lead by example. Better yourself a tiny bit. Encourage others to do the same, either overtly or just by being better yourself. Raise the average in your community. Eventually, the world will be a better place. With luck, it will happen before the robots try to take over, but that is for another day.
    Peace out. Word to your mother.


3 thoughts on “Each Day, Better

  1. Stew Pid says:

    I think of a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson when reading this:

    “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”

    I believe it is good to have this outlook, and will lead to the individual reading this to try to achieve their goals for what they see as the benefit of everyone, but my issue is that not everyone has the same belief in what is the action to acquire the “betterment of humanity”. In your case it is reading a book or expanding one’s skill or knowledge. And although education helps oneself and everyone around, I think that as long as people differ in what is best for everyone we will be in conflict with one another.

    We have different goals and different definitions of what is good, as long as this exists we will always have differing opinions of what is “good” and what is best for the “betterment of humanity”. Look to a plethora of international problems with an equal amount of differing solutions to them, Israel/Palestine and the two state/one state solutions. Although at some point we have the same problems (hunger, longevity of life, and want for property) we have with those problems different ways to achieve solutions, sometimes at someone else’s expense.

    I do agree with the solution, but I must acknowledge that there are differing definitions of what is “better”.This is a great post and speaks to the necessity of responsibility for the great amount of power we possess in order to make every day better. That being said I will do my part, I just can’t promise that for everyone else. 🙂


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